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North End - Alpha State

North End - “Alpha State”

The new album “Alpha State” by the now long distance PA/CO collaboration band “North End” is complete with catchy riffs, background synths, intricate drumming patterns and overall soulful passionate vibes.

If you can’t decide if you’re in a math or a post rock mood today; That’s OK! You shouldn’t have to make these tough decisions, throw on Alpha State! This album appeals to both genre’s crowds.

Reminiscent of all time great math-post rock band A.Armada; North End brings together the technicality of interwoven angular mathy dueling guitar hooks with the epic loftiness and straightforward song structure of post rock that we know and love.

Track 5 “Brother Mouzone” like track 4 “Silent Rehearsal” reminds me of the twinkly guitar sounds of one of my favorite bands The Appleseed Cast, “Brother Mouzone” also brings feelings of nostalgia by including a dreamy synth sounding part that reminds me of The Cure.

Track 6 “Alpha State” boasts an energetic upbeat feel incorporating many unique drumming patterns and a “wall of sound” guitar riff. While it’s no question that this music is math rock; It’s not overly technical so we’re not drowning in a sea of notes trying to figure out what’s going on, But as far as technicality goes we’re not just getting our feet wet.. I’d say we’re surfing atop the waves on a beach. North end focuses more on making rocking music than making complicated music, which is why this album will be in long standing rotation on my playlist.

North End’s Alpha State is definitely worth your listening to.

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