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Big Paleo - Math For Liberal Arts

Denver, Colorado's "Big Paleo" premier their debut album "Math for Liberal Arts" on January 28th. Hear the new single "Books & Encyclopedias (Gravity Well)" now, only on The Math Rock Times

Starting in a hazy imaginitive realm with emo-pop vocals reminiscent of TSOSIS alongside a rolling fingerstyle guitar pattern, doused with delay, cymbal tapping and a little keyboard hook as a sidekick, this song gets going in a slow but tactful way. Does this frilly emo-pop have any heart or soul though? Yes, yes it does! Choppy stop/start drumming and spacey guitar noodle interludes take hold as this song emerges from a folky dream-state into a lively rock song with very subtle but ever-present R&B/gospel undertones. Reverberated vocals peak out from beneath the water still drenched by the wet puddle they came from to exclaim "the weight of your will on my world can be found, and it carries me off in your gravity well." This song is a journey from above the clouds to the below the sea, then right back into the sky again. Ending with twinkles and a glitch tapping guitar solo this jam gives me warm fuzzies inside from start to finish. Damn that ending solo is clean! come back to this page monday to get the full album

My favorite song is track 3 "Too Wonderful." Starting out as beautiful poppy math rock that dips into ambient tangents, this band reminds me of Black Dirty only less emo and more pop.

This song is a nine minute long masterpiece with many facets including a circus like guitar riff that could easily be an "Eyes on Lips" song.

Floating in the clouds like a blimp made of cotton candy, glitchy guitar tapping intertwined with dreamy,

jazzy grooves give way to a dynamic highway of ideas co-mingling through the mix-master on their way to the same eventual destination.

Ending in a psychedelice loop trance, this song is one of a kind and leaves me longing for more.


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