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Old News - Quarter Life Crisis

Exclusive Song Premier Wichita, KS's Old News are set to release their "Hands Like Glaciers" EP on February 2nd. Hear the new single "Quarter Life Crisis" now only on The Math Rock Times

Starting out with a soulful groove in the music as well as the singers' voice, this song quickly turns into a rock-n-roll jam complete with raspy vocals, loud distorted guitars and stop/start action. A smooth jazzy horn interlude peaks in for a moment. The increase in volume startles as the singer Beau Harris goes through his existential to-do list; "graduate, get depressed, drink too much, my life's a mess.."

The overall poppy, upbeat nature of this song and whole album for that matter masks the emo nature of the lyrics. In some way, that makes this EP a house divided. Not only lyrically in dealing with the want for stability in relationships while retaining space and freedom and the want to pacify parents' inquiries of settling down, but also the fact that the music being made up of mostly bright, noodly guitar riffs sounds very happy while the lyrics focus mainly on the woes of being young and single. Trying to carve your path in the world, while striving to live up to everyone's expectations simultaneously is a difficult task that many people go through. No one ever said that the character building aspect of growing up and being a human was supposed to be easy, but at least it can be mathy. Head over to on Feb 2nd to hear the rest.

Hear the 1st single "Tangled Up" here:

Hear thier last ep "Castro" here:

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