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Black Dirty - Paw Paw

Exclusive Song Premier - "Silver Fin" Phillidelphia's renowed 3-piece math rock band “Black Dirty” unveil a new track exclusively on The Math Rock Times

"Paw Paw" is the title of the soon to be released 7 track album by Black Dirty. This album features byssine guitar tones that deliver a perplexing barrage of achromatic rhythmic recipes via some world-class melodic iconography and idiochromatic math rock sound sculpting - all accompanied by a monstrous rhythmic section.

The vigorous “Silver Fin” opens in an intensely technical layout comprised of 4 separate figures which repeat. The compounded grid counts 8 8 9 13 9 8 8 1 3 and flows as a seamlessly laced pulse. Lush and well-paced, the notes have elegance and pocket. It’s refreshing that the idiom sounds most fluid in 9 making the 4 the oddity in the mix, as most songs would produce the opposite fractal effect. Inscenation seems to be the theme of these giants. The two coalesced bars of 8 help drive a familiar musical direction for all listeners, showcasing notably distinguished, masterful slide-based cordial guitar playing refined with an illative suggestion. As for the songs' introduction, the band captivates effectively - matching this with a true pushing of the listener’s musical boundaries. The 9 interjects an opposing viewpoint, adding a natural wraparound feeling which anchors the idea, attaining wholeness. This sudden space uses a slide variation to soften the iconoclastic impact of the future tense while simultaneously giving the ears exactly what they wanted. The craftsmanship here is next level. As all this clever foreshadowing and intuition is employed, the extended musical breath brings the vocals’ story to life. The group bends and turns like a moving picture. The musicians seemingly hint at further dislocation as their lines set a bridge towards spastic elongated 13 phrasing, acting as an enabler for extended drum punches that unleash linear rhythmic flavors. Cleverly offsetting the vibe, “Black Dirty” throw their equation in reverse, creating even greater cyclic configurations and quiet, uniquely condensed sonic weather. This use of ab-terminal movements creates currents rarely exercised in modern music. Next comes straight 4/4 amidst lower dynamic ranges and entirely new color palettes. Moving farther and farther away from midwest tapping, “Black Dirty” give way to the "Welcome To Limerick" type of sound. Stop/start motifs become more frequent, creating great contrast to the chimey and reverberated vocals delivered with poise. In brief, abrading such atactic and equally thrilling performances, this track is as full as it can get.

Visit on March 7th to get the full album. Come see Black Dirty Perform at our first music festivfal on March 15th & 16th in Austin, TX:

- Agent 0

“Black Dirty” is

Tyler Brooks (Guitar/Vox)

Steve Camisi (Bass)

Jim Burkhardt (Drums)

black dirty bandcamp


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