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Susurrus - Ultra Orange

Released today hot off the press all the way from Singapore, Susurrus's debut EP "Ultra Orange" is a fast-paced four track run of dazzling arrangements and melodies that showcase the trio's ability to be both tuneful and technical all at once. "Ultra Orange" is an assortment of ideas that connect straight-up math rock with a unique array of influences, such as post-hardcore, midwest-emo, screamo and pop punk.

The pace is action-packed from the get go as the band's meticulous yet restless instrumentation coasts through twists at almost every turn. Fueled by a sense of imagination and energy from one catchy riff to the next, Ahmad's dynamic basslines and Clarence's driving force behind the guitar riffs never lose sight of the groove alongside Syakir's explosive yet expressive drum lines. Fans of Jizue, The Cabs, and Agatha are sure to enjoy susurrus's new EP. Susurrus (sah-suh-rus) are a Singaporean Math Rock band consisting of three friends Syakir (drums), Clarence (guitars) and Ahmad (bass & vocals.)

Between the melodic diversity of math rock bands such as Tricot and the emotive energy of post-hardcore acts like Suis La Lane, susurrus find the perfect intersection where the playful grooves of the former propels the impassioned sentimantality of the latter. Occasionally puncuated by the rawness of Ahmad's impassioned screaming, the band's Japanese math rock-flavored rhythms run hot with a nimble pace and urgency, leaving an indelible impression on new listeners who attend their live concerts. I hear similarities between susurrus and Japan's "Agatha" as far as the aggressive aspects go. I know I will be enjoying this record when I want some excitement. - M Chan

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