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Armature - One Day World

Exclusive Premier - Armature - One Day World

Our Featured song "Parade" begins with an upbeat drum line and endearing reverberated guitar riff leads to a delightful quick burst into a twinkle attack then a slightly slower build up part which in turn leads to a pause and change of pace into a more chilled mood. Synth effects make it seem as if they're going to start an epic post rock tangent but they rather proceed to keep the same vibe and add in a tapping part to the mix as soloing over increasingly louder build up drum beats take over until the end when the song finally feels like it's coming into it's own, leaving me longing for more. Bio/Introduction: We are Armarture

a new "Anime Soundtrack Math Rock" (ASMR) band from Seattle, WA. Our music is heavily inspired by the feelings of yearning associated with visual art and animation. The name “Armature” means “a small idea that you build a story around.”

Armature began in early 2018, with Owen Xia starting to play guitar and write music after a five year hiatus in order to cope with depression. He met drummer Evan Berge, who had been feeling burnt out from classical percussion, and formed Armature that May. Addison “The [K]night” Wong recently joined following the dissolution of prog metal band "Skylike Mind." As a whole, Armature is comprised of people who really want to rediscover a sincere yearning and love for music again. Our debut EP “One Day World” releases on 4/26. The name comes from the Shanghainese saying “一天世界”, which means “a giant mess” but translates literally to “one day world”. It is our first and most sincere attempt at rediscovering our love for music and we hope you enjoy it. armature

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