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The Planet You - Nomad

- New Song Premier -

New Jersey's The Planet You are back on our radar with a brand new song at Champion Sessions studio which is a fresh live-in-the-studio video series based out of ROJO Sound Studios in Kenilworth, NJ.

It was a little over a year ago when TMRX premiered two new tracks from TPY's latest "self-titled" album, that review & stream can be found HERE. Now after all this time I'm very pleased to announce The Planet You's latest song "Nomad" today. Beginning with a repetitive twinkly riff and smooth but tensed vocals, there exists a frantic atmosphere like usual in TPY's songs. The shaky camera only furthers the music's seemingly scattered state of frenzy.

Short extended sped-up guitar runs reminiscent of jazz-manouche remind me of another recently released favorite record by Pyramid Scheme. The eerie nature of the forthcoming guitar riff rings out like a banshee and is joined by impassioned screaming vocals as things wrap up more off timed stop start breakdowns appear for a moment before the end. This song has all the unexpected hiccups I've come to expect from a math rock band doing their thing yet has resolve in the end, this song makes peace with itself and comes to an appropriate resolution for me. Stay tuned to Champion Sessions for more new videos of great bands.


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