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Le Grand - Plastic Jazz EP

Review & Stream Kansas City's best instrumental 4-piece band "Le Grand" bursts onto the scene today with much anticipation as this marks the release of their first studio EP "Plastic Jazz." Le Grand has been a band for roughly ten years and have gone through a couple genre/lineup changes since their inception. They perform as a three piece with a backing track of their long distance bass guitar player. Le Grand's shows are always a special treat for me, they usually play old video games in the background which brings a nostalgic feel to the experience.

This album will catch you off guard, dazzling you with methodical clash and sweeping you with gorgeous texture. All throughout “Plastic Jazz”, the instruments of "Le Grand" come together and coalesce into something purely enjoyable. This kind of cohesion is rare, and enables some rather daring compositions. One must approach this record fully open and surrender to the dynamic nature of the adventurous liberties expressed through these compositions to fully appreciate the top-tier level of artistry contained in this record which will surely go down on the books in the fusion/math rock hall of fame. Riff by riff, the quartet seem to always be considering the modern attention span - the tracks tie thousands of musical ecologies together, yet always return to the cut’s first premise.