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General Admin - Torpor!

New EP Premier + Interview

London, England's up and comers General Admin have just released their first EP entitled "Torpor!"

This album is prog rock with strong math rock influences. General Admin's vocals are deep and whisper-like at the same time, which reminds me a bit of The Doors. This music is very chill and takes on more progressive rock qualities than math rock, which is a nice change up from my usual listening habits. I recently made a post in a large facebook group asking for non-math rock songs with math rock solos, I have found a couple here with General Admin, and couldn't be more pleased.

I spoke to General Admin briefly to get more of an understanding as to where they are coming from and what their music means to them, check this interview to learn more.

General Admin is:

Guitar & Vocals: Adam

Bass & Vocals: Matt

Drums: Mike

1. What does this album mean to you, or

Is there a particular song that has the most importance or meaning?

We have all been in bands for years but that has always meant compromising our musical instincts to fit someone else's vision or to fit neatly into a genre. This EP is exactly what we wanted to do - for better or worse.

The song "Salt" typifies that and as a result is the most meaningful to us. It marks the point when we realized that we could be much more musically ambitious. The song has multiple time signature changes and the composition is as complex as the theme - how algorithms are affecting our lives.

Pool Games is special too as we made it up on the spot and cut it live in the studio on a brief window of spare time.

2. I definitely know what you mean in regards to having to conform to others' ideas in songwriting, I love the freedom that comes with solo songwriting, except when it comes to getting writers' block. How did your band form?

We moved to London for work. Mike and I met as strangers in a shared house. He has a background in mathematics and computing so he's well suited to playing drums in a math rock band. Matt and I go way back having been in a punk band together in the North of England called "Needa Fire."

3. Cool, I also come from a punk music background. What bands are your musical influences?

Varied as with everyone but we all share a love of unorthodox approaches to song writing. That takes us from Tera Melos, Fugazi, Town Portal and Palm to Blur and Radiohead.

4. Right on, I like Tera Melos a lot, mostly the older songs though.

What bands would you like to play or tour with?

We fit well as a more proggy band on a mathrock lineup or a more mathy band on a prog lineup. At this stage in our development we'd love to support bands like Delta Sleep and Tangled Hair.

5. I'm sure those bands would love to have you open for them someday. What's next for your band and where do you envision yourselves in the future?

Gigs. We need to get out on the back of this EP. We might even try and get on a festival bill or two. Then it's more writing and back into the studio at the end of the year.

6. Well it's been satisfying getting to know you gentlemen and learning more about your music. I'm glad we took this time to discuss things and hope to see you perform live someday. Really enjoying your music, take care. - Matthew C.

Our Best,

Adam, Matt and Mike

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