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Delta Sleep - Ghost City Rarities

Stream and Review

England's most sought after Math Rock band Delta Sleep has just released a rarities EP cut from their most recent critically acclaimed album "Ghost City." This EP features the band Tricot on vocals and is a very nice surprise for me this morning.

The first song is "Sultans of Ping" this song is amplified and distorted like normal but with Motoko “Motifour” Kida from Tricot on vocals.

The addition of Motoko brings a softed-whispered feel to the song and is a great alternate rendition that I enjoy just as much as the original, maybe even moreso.

"Afterimage" at first seems like just an acoustic version of the original, however this version also features Motoko “Motifour” Kida from Tricot during the chorus. Motoko translates the chorus lyrics to Japanese, and in the second part of the chorus, both Devin and Motoko sing in Japanese. This makes me very happy, as it sounds very beautiful.

This acoustic version of "Single File" has a more jumpy sounding guitar and more whispered vocals than normal, it also seems to have some effects with it. This version seems to be happier because of the smiling in the vocals, you can hear Devin smiling through the vocals. He is having fun with this. In lieu of the screaming part on this song we hear instead hear a calmer expression of emotion.

"Sans Soleil" sung more quietly is just as good as the original version. The guitar riff is again more punchy than the original, and yet keeps true to the first version.

Motoko Kida of Tricot

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