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At Best - Changing Shape

At Best are a trio of metal-heads gone indie. Formed in 2017 in South Jersey, the band features lead vocalist and guitarist Lennon Cantwell, bassist Alicia Dickerson, and drummer Steph Brettman. By combining their various musical backgrounds of metal, funk, and songwriter, At Best's sound ranges from 90's Alternative sounding jams to heavy-yet-melodic shoegaze.

"Changing Shapes" begins with a noodley twinkly guitar lick which is quickly accompanied by soothing vocals that turn sour at the drop of a hat alongside a heavy distorted guitar riff.

Moving back into an instrumental interlude the twinkle presence grows stronger. Every time the harsh vocals kick in the song completely changes direction and sounds like a 90's alternative rock song and much less like a twinkly math rock song. This song has groove, emotion and grit.

This song resolves itself and the resolution is the acceptance of the two different contrasting notions, one of the twinkly math rock and the other being the grungy heavy riffage trending the way of 90's alt jams. These two ideas co exist and intermingle to the fullest extent that these two genres could exit together simultaneously while not overlapping but keeping their own individual identities. Overall I am very much enjoying this sound, it's truly something not heard often in math rock and I am eager to hear more from At Best.

At Best


Official music video for At Best's second single "Changing Shape", out June 28th. Directed and produced by Jay Yachetta of Luxwav Films.

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