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Allegheny Drive - Hippodrome

- New Single Premier -

The intro of this song reminds me of one of my favorite bands; Postmadonna. Things quickly change direction and I hear what sounds like Japanese glitchy math rock under mostly clean vocals with intermittent short bouts of harsh screaming. This music is somehow sleek sounding and gritty at the same time. After some soul searching in a quiet interlude section from underground comes a thrashy riff which leads to more glitchy twinkle attacks and an unsettling abrupt end to an entrancing adventure. This makes me think of ninja turtles street fights, cyberpunk, Tenchio, the music of Japanese vocaloid bands and retro-futurism

Allegheny Drive is the angular concoction of Denton, Texas-based cro-magnons Noe Palacios (Singer/Guitar), Nathan Clark (Percussionist), Ian Clark (Keyboardist) and Mackey Divine (Bassist). Usually joined by an extra member or two on stage, the result is a fun dismemberment of music, catchy melodies and beautiful dynamics as they throw a hodgepodge of genres together such as psychedelia, jazz, punk, post-hardcore and electronica. The band initially congregated in the cruel Texas summer of 2015 for one evening and parted ways to enjoy life until the harsh winter of early 2016 brought them back to each other to perform originals written by Palacios and Divine. These went on to amass an EP by the name of Jaybird. Bowling For Soup's singer and guitarist, Jaret Reddick, heard the main single from said EP and decided it was a sound that needed to be elevated, and so he took up the burden of guiding these four young men through Valve Studios and produced six of their songs. In the interim of completion of these songs, Allegheny Drive independently creates media and continues to play throughout Texas.


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