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A Flawed Design - Reactor No. 4 -

Enjoy "Pills That Pay The Bills" an exclusive new single from the impressive New Jersey math rock outfit A Flawed Design. The new cut off of the soon to be released record Reactor No. 4, hits deep and draws intriguing intricacies.

The track, Pills That Pay The Bills, opens with a harmoniously poised conglomerate of extraterrestrial riffage. Organically warm yet mysteriously novel, the listener is pulled deeply into this band's universe, as though having been teleported to an unknown region of spacetime where rocks really do roll. Things are more dire there with the heaviness of an anxiously perceived calmness as well as an ever evolving sensation of propulsion. The notes start strung together with a greater attention to the space inbetween and cascade into new and unforeseen pathways. As the composition's reality draws itself into existence, some Folk-Indie tribal tom oriented rhythmic proposals by the drummer give the effect of circular motion dancing around it's own entities turbalance which ques an initiation of change towards a favored complexity. A celestial presence is felt as the fusion of interesting chord structures and complexed emotive vocals introduce themselves with greater clarity now reprioritizing themselves. Guitar notes twine and mesh around the singing as to create this effect of a slow unfolding of events super conducting the whole experience to the next layer of this now slightly quickening and ever deepening sonic void. Gradually unveiling itself by peaking more and more from its corner, the personification of Pills That Pay The Bills finds itself mid center of the sonic tapestry and showcases orbital outcries with nothing between it and the listener. it becomes rather powerful. All instruments now having completed their first progressions towards artistic ecstasy, this song becomes rather fast paced and focused on phrasing almost as if the likes of Chon and Polyphia were being more Midwestern ironically. This Midwestern guitar initiates permutation after permutation as though following some cosmic circuit relating to the schematics of forever. Everything being in it's rightful place clarifies within the listeners mind as the musical instruments continue to draw what sounds like deep and meaningful occult secrets about the nature of nature itself and what it's like to observe the unobservable facts of beauty head on.

To surrender into a feeling so full, all is shut out but this peculiarly overwhelmed of zooming into the half stumbling notion of existence. What thereafter arises, whichever cleverly escapes the grasp of language to anyone's pity attempt at describing such states of dislocative bliss, sought by all dreamers and poets is found but cannot be caught as ones mind slips out of the ordinary and finds itself embedded in the scenery. One becomes the music maker, the dreamer, the dream and a citizenry of onlooking, as this song is an ecology of empathy and decay. With this schematic-like outwards growth of sonic extensions which start and stop at different rates one gets a cinematic effect and can easily imagine the path ways building scenic structures in their minds theather. Melodically instilling while capturing a sense of wonderment and magical envy, polyrhymic portaling and the effect of time manipulation as though listening to the musical representation of the video game Prince of Persia ensues as emergency and energy themes take hold.

Prince of Persia, where one can slow down or even reverse time all the while bouncing off the walls being forced to preform daredevil acrobatics by circumstance with ever musical measure passing. If this record was a brain chemistry one would be on extraterrestrial drugs looking behind the eyes of said alien giving an alien abduction to a human via sonic emissions and Pills That Pay The Bills only scratches the surface of what this band is about. For a sneak peak at another tune imagine a whacked-out metal Zappa with screamo-ska vocals contrasting this more emotional self aware intelligence type of conceptual piece. This is for fans of surrealism and the bands facing, ttng, characters and cordial slide dominated hand tapping guitar with more techniques textures than hybrid shred picking. Extremely pop valid but weird enough to get you sent to the principles office this band is likely for you and you. And yes.... also you.

A Flawed Design is:

Thomas Materiale: Vocals

Tyler Knight: Drums

Michael Wittig: Guitar

Matthew Wittig: Bass

Jamie Salazar: Guitar and Vocals

Art by Matthew Wittig

Recording, Mixing & Mastering (lol) by Jamie Salazar

Author: Dead.poet.drums

Head over to bandcamp in a couple days to get the full album!


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