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A look back at Ron's jarzombek's Spastic Ink and it's influence on chon era math

Spastic Ink is Ron Jarzombek of Watchtower joined by his brother Bobby Jarzombek on drums and bass player Pete Perez (both of Riot at the time).

Straight outta wikipedia: "Spastic Ink specialize in very complex instrumental fusion metal by using uncommon time signatures, frequent changes of time signatures and extremely unusual melodies. For example, the song "A Wild Hare" aurally recreates a scene from Bambi, even down to the dialogue, which is wordlessly mimicked by the guitar. This produces a very unusual sound that can come across as cacophonous, especially if the listener is unaware of the connection between the song and the cartoon."

If you don't know Ron, here's his solo song: Frenetically Inconsistent Velocities Entwined. The title says it all.

Mad Data Race is so close to Chon's ghost recording drummer, that Brian Evans drum style in a nut shell blooming out from brisk drew grooves with rim ghost notes on top of ghost notes, to the touch and sound coming out of the drums themselves. Remember this record is from the 1990s 20 years prior. So arguably, Bobby is the source of the Chon, Polyphia and hyper pop drum style and not Brian Evans. Again, 1990.

Eights Is Enough shows the listener that this band can be somewhat melodic as it creates the first template that birthed songs like Animals As Leaders' On Impulse. One can also relate Agent Fresco's Pianissimo and most other melodic prog riffs that utilize a lot of time signatures via the system of cuttng the highhat with open splash. (What some call stop start.) What's next level is the fraction etude style guitaring follow by drum soulful displays of explosive highest potential accompaniment paved the way for all shred guitars to acknolwedge the possible of picking with a rate:group combo like quintuplets group in 7 ..ect... Meshuggah marked the time that Spastic thereafter played within. It's that added layer of intent which i think make Spastic Ink one of the most underrated bands in creating something so unique an entire generation of music stems out of it. Brian loves to think its his style that did this but the truth is much more spastic in origin and nature.

A Quick Affix utilizes quick synchronous phrases and anthemic rock forward porpelltions that end in a 5 double to one double riff hat thereafter returns to fast runs that are cut short though continue anyway by the punch double five system that also gets cut off but faster ideas as though close to the edge was on steroid with musicians trying to ruin each others solos or at least leats make them extremely hard to pull off. It's no wonder one of these guys had a brain aneurysm. So the 5 double system returns but last longer until anthemic metal driving propelltion reaches the finish line. Anyone who says Spastic Ink makes no sense clearly isnt fucking listening as theres a lot of repetition. One can hear coevality type mixing of genres in premutatitive expressive dialogs between coexisting yet at times entire seperated by sonic ecological dimensions.

Mosquito Brain Surgery is like old metal heavy air meeting its change as tho something as big as bc-ac, where Chon runs litter the entire track in an even transparent type modern pastel guitar tone that gets nostalgic of the future? Songo latin vibes interject showing even more future sounds like all of TTNG and x-4 time sigs such as 7-4. and 11-4. Funky syncopated bass drum dominates the next section perhaps being able to lay claim to creating Djent and Benny Grebisms. again this is 1990s. A bass solo like Evan Marien then becomes extremely vocal and present within the sønic interweaven God mind super brain computers, yet another trademark vibe of the future.

The question is: why does nobody except the ghost of buddy talk about how great of a drummer Bobby is? Back in the 90's, everyone freaked out at his style which moved drumming away from extreme elongated huge 4 time signature figures layered and 6d drumming towards a spastic plasticity that's only now starting to become common. Not just trending within drumming circles, or even musical scenes - but now one will find millions of videos of normal everyday people playing the polyrythymic game .


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