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A map a light a string pt 1-2 Revisted Why Are These Legendary - Let us Find Out.

Everyone loves yvette but ever wonder what exactly makes her music better than yours? Which systems are employed and why other musicians can easily latch on to the cheat codes within her brisk and complex arrangements?

The main thing one needs to unlock when tryig to play along to Yvette is her premutations which are on these tunes the main system both regarding her voice and guitar starting points. She attains a midwestern twist not by mixing thousands of time signatures but simple sliding her phrases one to the left then one to the right. Two the the left. two the the right. Exactly like tony royster acclaimed asap outro in his band tony roy jr bande. Already we are mixing sentences with yvettes name and Tony Royster Jr. a legend. two legends really.

Another thing Yvette with do is slight bleeding of rates into the ones above and below. Allot of the music is 4-4 but utilizes sextuplets as a six constant new pulse or which bleed quintuplets and septuplets at emotionally explosive events which reinforces thier impact and narrative properties into one over taking and all emcompassing sensational experience.

Another system is aplied foreshadowing and fractalism. Not so much fractal etudes regarding rates as having a harmonic section be the triplet count onetwothree with starting on and vs the next which count the 4-4 count 123 with harmonics again on and.

One other stand out thing this composition employes is during the punchy section in pt1 yvette uses a brillant ideas off hit 1 2 3 1 creating a 4 syncopated phrase within the 6 that can even be nest as nines ta.ta.ta.ta.. .

as you see math rock is rarely about jsu tlinking allot of time signatures otgether and basic marking of time that is prog rock. thank you good night.

the other acoustics are ore complexed with seven, 39s, 15s, 9s, 13s, and some four thrown in for good measure.


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