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Aleuchatistas - Mr. Rogers' Waters

Breaking News!! After 4 years dormant release-wise, North Carolinian band Aleuchatistas return with a brand new single!

This jam starts out like a zany carnival ride with no apparent rhyme or reason until just about the halfway mark when things seem to come together to form a more cohesive painting adding some structure and stability. This however doesn't last long as the band delves further into stop start drumming, relentless guitar noodling and seemingly riff after riff of twinkly interludes whipping up a whirlwind of different colonies each with their own characteristics.

Ahleuchatistas new single Mister Rogers' Waters is a true ear puzzle.

Ahleuchatistas began in 2002 and is a two piece group consisting of

Shane Parish who plays Guitars and bass and Danny Piechocki on drums.

Shane has had a few projects in the meantime and has hinted at new music from Aleuchatistas and much to my surprise it's finally here.

I recently sat down with Shane Parish and spoke with him about the new developments, here's what he had to say:

TMRX: Shane what's been going on with the band hiatus and what do you have planned for the future of this project?

Shane: The band never stopped being active, we just slowed down for the last four years with the birth of my wonderful daughter. So, Ryan Oslance and I have been doing some small tours here and there and playing the occasional festival. This current configuration of the band brings drum wizard Danny Piechocki into the Ahleuchatistas universe. The band has recently reorganized into a more fluid entity under my direction. So it is evolving, and could conceivably become a larger band with more musicians down the road. This first single was written for two guitars, bass, and drums. To pull it off live, we will need to bring on two more members. We are working on lots of new music currently. So, expect more new sounds in 2020. We definitely plan to do some touring once a new album is out. With the re-structuring into a larger collective of musicians, it will be possible to make more progressive music, more often, in perpetuity.

TMRX: That's very exciting! I look forward to hearing what's to come next and thank you for your time.


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