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Djent metallers Animals As Leaders return with their 5th full length album "Parrhesia."

At first peaceful but soon turned dizzying spells of poly-rhythmic loops counter balanced with off timed breakdowns force the listening audience into a trance like state then rips your legs off and throws them into a river of chaos. Progressive metal type guitar solos remind you of where the base of this music used to stand, but those are only markers along the route. The journey of this album reaches far into the world of psychedelia, Djent, Progressive Metal, Math Rock, and at some points Classical music. Frontman and lead guitarist of AAL is Tosin Abasi, whose patented brand of guitar style includes heavy usage of the thumping technique as well as tapping. Everyone in this band is a virtuoso musician. I had the pleasure of seeing AAL perform once and hope to do it again soon as they are touring this album soon, check the forums on for the concert listings. Enjoy!

A new video for the song "Microaggressions" was also just released:


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