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Best Math Rock Albums of 2023

Tiny Voices- Make up your place

Good game - Get good

Semi fiction - To those who said goodbye


Via luna- muted earth

Tsosis (the speed of sound in seawater)

- second nature

Bobbing/ Wølfy- get slimed

Former animals - duckbearotter

Me too thanks- icthlarins little helper

Lets swim, get swimming

Covet- catharsis


Nurture nurture- cynicism

Elephant gym - world

Ni - fol na s

Ski club - downhill daisy

Cloutchaser - Metallica

Unprocessed - and everything in between

Charlieboy - people garden

Explosions in the sky - End

Narrow Arrow / Avec plaisir / Fox lake, Champagne Colored cars -

Speak, Memory / Giraffe Massacre -


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