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Corperate Prophet - becoming god (math hip hop fusion hyper pop glitch metal)

Corperate Prophet aka Shane Dupere on ig aka the grand father of twinkle daddy and scam trolling, comes with a high level math rock rap hybrid project that mixes dense technical metal guitar that are further charactered with midwestern tendencies. Sonically anew aswell as showing odes to other shredders and oftenm utilizing polyphia style genre change ups,timelaspes, and glitchy effects, his sonic canvas acts like a nervous system which expotentially establishes itself with great powerful conviction. Narratively propelled and intricately desinged the music has a timeless x factor and undeniable pop validity all the while enveloping the listener in deeper and deeper concepts of musicality. The sentience and almost a.i like presence of the music observing its own observation becomes clear as clear as the richness which occurs as the rap bars get more and more precise and oddly in his chosen verbal charachters one sees a process within a process. Creation creating as to eqaute back all upon itself. The soft almost savage garden type 90s tango meets polyphia late bridge really creates a plateau like effect for the listener to be above it all with god looking down on the musical peices as the interplay and morph in a synronous and sacred geometry. Drawing itself into existence the musical back drops really accompany the lyrics and tone while also creating the same effect on the narration as a wild feedback loop of mathy glitched out hyper pop, trap shit. Offered in modern 2.30 minute formats and aimed at both selling tabs, and making music for ppl to cover, being a bedroom producer is his game and he has already perfected it. leaving his gems for other musicians to comment on instrumentally and finding his own sound he is one young blood we predict to grow in following and never sell out his math rock roots. A new power structure without gatekeeping except having gone the distance. having become a god.


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