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Cotoba - Reyn

- Exclusive Track Premier -

Cotoba is a five-piece math rock act based in South Korea, who are slated to release their sophomore album on June 30, 2020. Dubbed "Name of the Seasons," this upcoming record plays on jazz elements and showcases more of the band's aggressive side.

Cotoba‘s music is precisely calculated and highly refined. The guitar lines shoot back and forth like rockets playing in the night sky. "Reyn" starts out with a delightfully twinkly and upbeat guitar riff. This song has haunting whispered vocals which featured alongside twinkly guitar riffs becomes very emotional.

Quickly but without warning breaking out of a gloomy state and into a vibrant energetic sense of awareness, Cotoba seamlessly ramps things up just to lull the listener back into the origins of the song, like a rain fall pouring down water making sleep easier.

Other songs on the album are grooving and not nearly as melancholy as "Reyn" such as "Summer Daytime" and "Warm Salad."

I think fans of Elephant Gym and Zoo Strategies would love South Korea's Cotoba and highly recommend them to all math rock fans.

In two days on the 30th go here to get the full album:


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