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Covet - Catharsis And Member Change Discussion.

Rating song 1-2 = 2 on ten

rating rest of record = 9-10.

what is one to do with this lol how cna i rat ethis record 6 or 10 nither feel right.. i guess thats the secert message here. neitehr of them felt right.

coronal - Yehhhhh; ,no.

firebird - The bpm on this track makes no sense to me. Something about it just off for the genre and guitar riff. The pocket is like a limp dick or limp air ballon not being able to fly straight nor make it all the way to Istanbul. it's Vaseudeva recycling at it's worsts. I find it odd that this is the chosen single. It's unoriginal and trying too hard to be Polyphia with nostalgia for the Cycles ep. It's Broken Social with Tim Henderson guitar runs every time a verse or chorus is finsihed which becomes all too predictable. It has some cool gittering brain freezing effects that are more attacks on the listeners well being than pleasant enoeque escapades and after not much else.

bronco - The real album opner, showcasing Forrest Rice play drum and bass meets mid western pop valid drumming the track has a ttng type formula that cascades instruments like walking through jungle foliage or getting way too baked in highschool and watching your windows media player sleep screen. This is cut short by Marmalade Butcher inspired Tortuganonima, pedal effects collions that aid at bridging ever passing syncopated phrasing and a propensity to pop punk and half time chorus the song to the next level of noodlegore lust.

vanquish - As this song begins, it gets really Low-Pass and ever more so towards the godly transparent's of Tommy Emmanuel ellectrics without being overly aimed at chonism and one can really slide along with yvette chordial slides and talking finger picking style. Forrest lays down cool fills and pop punk grandeur but doesnt utilizes with matrix time keeping as one would hope after being in withdrawl of chon for such time. Instead coming of as aron castrilion type of no worry lets just be moist. It's good but not Coevality good. It has the nostalgia of cruise control Vasudeva but with a higher technical grounding and much wider saturation but like doesn't really do anything but repurpose something already repurposed making it forgetable.

interlude Renderings of piano whichs mimics a herny tremain two stones one bird on an empty stomach type of emotional disasembaling al crumbled into paper railroad pieces.the fingers say what words dare not until a sullen outcrying violin states final thoughts and a darling ghosted goodbye within pedal play.

smolder is written for Jessica or seems to have the effect i once saw in my own band where nick told gabby not to solo all over his song so instead of playing world class world champion winning guitar runs in latin gauagaunco rumba style shreds mixed with what one can only describe as blues daddy itchia spastic inkness, nick got well nothing.

This arrangement between drums and guitar seems to be heavily supported by the half time section which is essentially a drum solo akin to what steve smith would lay down on a vital tech tones track or some coevality one finger poised noise. essentially yvette throwing forrest a bone and niot the other way around.

merlin Has a Ron Jarzombek type of brain tumor vibe within it that gets super no cash meets Hillcrest type of tv within music 3rd room effect. With some t.v scientist talking about putting music accross the aphabet being all benny greb the track has poetic questioning making one touch a different par tof thier brain while listening to music creating a neurogenic effect.. The track gets so Spastic ink and frank Zappa that it's hard to image a life arrangement with the new memebers. This song is clearly a track that will be sheded. hahaha. this song is coevality level but cuts short in prog wet dream fantasies and bobby j drums.

lovespell , To me is part of Merlin, and has literally no seperation not even a Son Et Lumiere to Intertitatic Esp degree of seperation. Coming off of Andy rado Jr. Orchestral linears anything could fit next i suppose but Lovepsell really takes off where one left off which is just stunning thoughtful compostional arranging showing Yvette and stand with the giants and utilizes the poly rhythymic portals , and systems which often emploiy dangerous musical propositions. I almost wish whatever forrets and yvette had attrition on played out on another record as yes close to the edge and fragile n see forrest rly let loose on her music. i think then the arguement would of been over.

i'm confused as to how this music is played live. backtracks. do you back track forrests fills also?


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