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Crisp Johnson - Overview

Busan, South Korea has created one of the deepest japanese math rock midswestern pop records around. Utilizing not just odd groupings but also odd rates and systems like [rate:group, group:group, rate:rate], the record elevates math rock to a fusion jazz level without exploiting any of its tendencies thus maintaining pure math rock authencity. One can hear low-pass, Loqto-like guitar skills amidst Al Di Meola rthymic structures without Al Di Meolas presence and a lot of Steve Gadd-isms on the drumset. The fluttery bleeding rates creates a "water down a mountain" effect which dizzifies and eqaully mesmorizes. Mambo-type french, Belgium tropical heavies and Father Figure seasonings cook a monsterous recipe with contrasting styles which meshes in and out of the lush and poised midwestern perfections.

It carries the pop punk facet without really being cringe like math rock has often been in the past and thats very refreshing. It fountains itself like TTNG runs and other twisty guitar wizards. The record only lacks extremes and bridges which ponder to themselves but the whole is extremely full for any math rock fan.

Having dropped april 1st 2022, it's still new. Sorta, I guess.


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