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Delta Sleep - Younger Years

The opening song on Delta Sleep’s new EP; Younger Years, bursts out like a chorus line from a Broadway musical, marching with legs strutting right in your face, sassy and full of energy.  I can see the smiles on the band members' faces as they sing because you know this music is just as much fun to play as it is to listen to. Lush harmony floats in and out of the aptly named “In the Air” as they double up on some slap back delayed guitar snippets. The band employs a rather exemplary use of syncopation in this song as it sounds like the drums are playing in 4 over the other instruments playing in 3, but every once in awhile the drums do something in triplets or 3 that goes right with the 3 count of the others. This is not quite a time signature change nor a metric modulation but just a very intricate way of assembling things. Sip on this song with a nice bottle of Rosé and remember last years' critically acclaimed full length album by Delta Sleep "Ghost City."

Sofa Boy” slides right in behind the opener with grit and more splash symbols along with some off-kilter guitars here and there. It’s got funk and is in your face for both the chorus and the verse which act like a two-punch knockout combo.

"Martin Martini" is a surprising moonlight sonata-esque interlude right after "Sofa Boy" that will put you right to sleep before a bucket of cold water splashes in your hungover mug with “Constant Dreamer.”  Sharp and smoothly lulling with feedback driven lines and hushed vocals that explode with a very energetic and steady drum line,

Devin Yuciel screams his heart out on these choruses then sits back for a spot of tea and gentle conversations with each verse. "constant Dreamer has a punk edge to it. This picked up pace is a welcomed change up among the several sullen and slower tracks on the EP.

Three Ghosts” starts with reverb-soaked leads and some My Bloody Valentine-like warbles clearing the stage for a soft acoustic under the spotlight moment with a subtle and lilting verse that meanders its way into a dissident ending.

The title track "Younger Years" is a long ballad and a perfect ending to this short but full EP.

This song encapsulates the album as a whole as the band displays all of their redeeming qualities, complete with noodling rhythmic guitar lines, a bit of screaming, a touch of thrashiness, some soft twinkles and a sing along chorus, this track has Delta Sleep written all over it.

The album tucks you into bed with a bit of an unsettled feeling whereas the verse is angry and unforgiving but the chorus is still drunk, bruised and in the mood to make up. This song’s love is complicated and will scar your 12 year old mind while you lock yourself in your room hoping not to hear the sweet and tumultuous love being made by these two star crossed battle axes.

"Younger Years" is a beautiful album that you should listen to while getting yourself or any of your relationships back on track. Take yourself or your partner out on a walk and sing out loud your favorite parts under the streetlights so the world can see your heart and the effect this EP has had on it.    -J. Mauk



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