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Dilettante - Fields Of - Exclusive Premier

The song “Twin Bridges” illustrates this band best as it brings a midwestern emo vibe that's faster than the normal bpm of their peers and kicks off without sounding anything close to a punk-like, save us from the archon, or getting heavier and violent. Instead, the midwestern emo stays intact and further adds to the 90s revival nostalgic impact upon the listener as the song is extremely easy to digest while storms of riffs and cyclical progressions enter and leave the room that emanates from the band members collaboration. Midway through the song things get very spicy and reminiscent of Victor Wooten era Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, “throw down on hoedown”, which is just bizzare but unique and appreciated. The bass and guitar battle each other while the drums seem to play basic four on the floor single roll type fills, beginner folk drums and focus but hitting the complex hits. With such a strong bass section it's odd to have drums without textured modernity and likely a big pleaser for guitarists and bassist ears who enjoy clean canvas but less so for drummers who seek rhythmic density and modern systems employed. To me it's a hole in the equation of what could be a best of the year drop.

“Fields Of” pays ode to field recordings of mystical realms and the allure of shimmering whimsical liquid emotions with thier own emotions that wade like thin air. At times it literally sounds like wind hitting two or three sets of chimes coming off as random and cluttered as chimes do. This effect must have been hard to achieve. It literally sounds like the instruments are personified and tubular knocking into each other as a trans-dimensional fooseball hell sound disguised as heaven.

“Makes Like Shadows” this jam has a six that feels like 5 phrasing vibe with some awesome sounding drums which are good yet again lack texture and grace. The hits are clean with no hesitaton but lack artistry and overall originality. The song structure is dope and the production is cleaner than most high end records but this track sounds like it needs vocals. Dilettante. is so linguistic that the lack of vocalized textures from drummer opens up a possibility for non instrumental math giants. Midway through sevens take over giving the song some grit and life, creating a Moma (Japanese band) type vibe which again, is a bit faster than the later. It is as polished and as Japanese sounding as can be. The punk drumming really does take away from the experience for me, especially the single roll "Buddy Rich" type folk sections which reoccur too much. It lacks contemporary modernity and reason to its rhyme. This is the best record for drummers looking for an easy canvas to shred on and a great record for any guitarist to be inspired by midwestern noodling. Drummers and guitarists should buy this, listen to it, jam on and share the love, hate, and other pent up emotions one has locked up inside. To purchase this album head over to:



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