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dtb - Dogwater

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Arlington, TX's dtb are one of my favorite bands. Hometown bias may be present in my admiration for this band however that doesn't negate the fact that they rock very hard. The song "Dogwater" appears on dtb's latest album "it's summer now."

Blending together a mixture of noodley math rock riffs and poppy punk vibes, complete with harmonic vocals leaning more towards the emo genre, dtb has all of what I appreciate in good music in general. The vocals by Aaron Payton often induce sing-along sessions.

The upbeat start of the song is quickly met by a noticeably slower pace.

"Dogwater" rhythmically speaking showcases several time signature changes being the intro/bridge are a 12/4, 9/4, 8/4. The prechorus is 5/4 The rest is 4/4.

I love the upbeat fluttering sound of the guitar riffage on track 2 "Shalashaska." Another stand out track on this album is the 2000 Wheatus cover "Teenage Dirtbag." This album overall gets a huge gold stamp from me.

I found dtb randomly a few years ago and asked them to come and play my the first music festival last year, dtb absolutely killed it and I can't wait to see my friends play live again.


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