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Endswell - Heart Container

Endswell is a new band from Madison, Wisconsin comprised of members from other well known Wisconsin-area emo bands such as Excuse Me, Who Are You? And Tiny Voices, who I both highly recommend.

Thrashy strums with intermittent twinkly tapping licks open this banger up for business. Double kick drums provide a hefty beatdown that when being played over a subwoofer or large speakers provides an audio assault akin to how most metal bands sound. When listening to this song on small speakers you will not get the same effect at all during this section, it will sound completely different.

A quick change up signaled by a palm muted strum intermission mixes things up in a delightful way.

Screaming vocals float atop distorted rhythmic guitar strumming riffs while the lead guitar produces a playful noodly riff.

This song is very straightforward and doesnt lag around. The end is a sort of breakdown part and this is the point in the song when the moshing would start or start up again if it hasn't already at the beginning of the song.

About 3 weeks ago I saw at least two members of this band perform in other similar sounding bands, Excuse Me, Who Are You? and Tiny Voices. Endswell brings the same raw exciting energy that their other bands bring. That show was one of the best I've been to in a while.

I can't wait to hear more from this budding band.

-M Chan


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