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False Pockets - The Sun Gets Down

- Exclusive Premier -

Rochester, New York's False Pockets blends math rock hooks with bendy shoegaze effects to form an epic sense of adventure in their songs. We're pleased to bring you the first single "The Sun Gets Down." This song starts out quiet and unassuming as an electronic garble ribbon waves in the wind, a guitar mimics the machine and brings it's own identity to the mix inviting a little rim tapping from the drums as things build up. With a jazzy rhythmic guitar riff the pace quickens while the vocals come in deceptively, sounding like a background synthesizer. A short djenty breakdown leads to a slide heavy and tap happy asiwyfa-like riff which brings much joy to my ears

Twinkly dissonant noodly guitar runs peek in as a bridge to the the epic ending complete with a post rock like grandeur, melting down into dark jazz waves and transmogrifying what I know as math rock, post rock and jazz.

This band's sound is unique, but if I had to compare them to anyone it would be a mix of At The Drive In, Dredg, and more recent music by The Appleseed Cast. There is an eerie but not scary lounge vibe throughout this coming record. Not quite shoegaze and not quite post rock, I love the fact that this math rock band incorporates elements of many different surrounding genres and makes it their own. There's enough noodles, tapping, and time signature complexity to keep math rock fans busy and entertained, yet not over stimulate. Leaning more towards the prog side of math rock, this band would please psychedelic rock fans as well and I'm eager hear what they will concoct next. Follow False Pockets Here:


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