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God vs Gods vs Giants vs Reptiles

- EXCLUSIVE TRACK STREAM - "Lord Gecko Schmecko"

God vs Gods vs Giants vs Reptiles. (gvgvgvr) For starters what a band name! The name of this band certainly proposes thoughts of theology and evolution. It is precisely this kind of contemplative deep-thinking energy that Gvgvgvr presents. Gvgvgvr blends the technical aspects of math rock with the poetry and melancholy of post rock and at times ambient sounds. I hear more than one type of math rock style being pursued in this album. Not only jazzy math rock akin to the Jazz Manouche type of noodling that you would hear from a band like Pyramid Scheme but also the more twinkly tap & slide riffs subtlety blended with midwest emo like you'd hear from Floral.

Delving into the post rock aspect of Gvgvgvr, I'm hearing the types of boisterous self-starter melodies that I remember hearing from Wander or some maybeshewill tracks rather than the long drawn out epic built upon slowly types of jams most often associated with post rock that you would hear by bands like This Will Destroy You or Explosions in the Sky. Overall I hear many similarities between Gvgvgvr and The legendary Piglet. Warm bouts of melody intermixed with ever so often hints of dissonance are met with a classical music approach. If TTNG was an instrumental band who listened to piglet everyday they would sound very much like Gvgvgvr. During the slow parts Gvgvgvr lulls me into a dark place but not without hope for change.

It's almost as if they've created a scene in which crystalline beams of light burst through the holes of the planks in a dark wooden cabin. The use of plucked harmonics bring an ethereal feeling to the song Egged while sounding more mechanical and robotic on tracks like too late to play which is a very suave contradiction in my opinion. Impossible tuning song features the more jazz manouch or (gypsy jazz) type of noodling as previously mentioned. This particular jam has it's boisterous moments as well as the slower parts lulling me into a slumber before the great awakening and then back again.

God vs Gods vs Giants vs Reptiles is: Ben Serra: guitar, electronics. Jake Finck: guitar, electronics & Asher Herzog: drums This album drops in just a few days so get on it at: Https://


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