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This genre-creating, hyper-pop debut album Gold Neckace is by the American progressive rock duo Gold Necklace that consists of musicians Kurt Travis (vocals) and Brandon Ewing (bass and lead guitar). The album was released on November 12, 2021 through the independent record label Kill Iconic Records, a label owned by Hail the Sun frontman Donovan Melero. and Produced by Josh Bentoné. Joseph Arrington wrote, performed, and recorded drums for the album as a session musician. Following his departure from American post-hardcore band A Lot Like Birds, Kurt Travis began collaborating with the math rock trio Eternity Forever, which also consisted of Strawberry Girls drummer Ben Rosett and former Chon guitarist Brandon Ewing. Later still, Travis went on to join the post-hardcore band Royal Coda with his former A Lot Like Birds bandmate and drummer Joseph Arrington and former Stolas and Sianvar guitarist Sergio Medina.

It's Michael Jackson, Prince, The Slaughter House 5, Chon, The Speed Of Sound In Sea Water, Allan Holdsworth thrown into a blender with a knowledge of the future's musical charts.

Tootsie Roll showcases upbeat funk disco sensations and a kaleidoscopic wave of hold and release as the vocals dance complex syncopated lead lines through a fusion jazz-phrased solo with the band holding motown real swagger pocket funk. This tracks falls into a triplet skattish type hopping on a pebbles-on-water type vibe. The skip step type Bruno Mars meets Justin Timberlake persona works so well at adding a level of charachter and theatrics. Acrobatic in nature but styled in high fashion's glory the cut is bliss from start to finish.

I felt it too is another huge cut, with a early break that is a peak moment on the entire record with extremely heart felt emo meets pop lushness. For a second its as if one was watching a movie not listening to a song. The cut is another up beat funk masterpiece that uses voice as the main syncopated soloist while the rthyms draw complex yet sprase foundationals posts for the leads to do backflips off of. The song has a summer time pool party california sunshine condensed into music which is often present but likely strongest during this cuts bridge that celebrates woman and the sexyness that is Island tropical pop prog fusion pop becoming something close to god.

Guitars are more vocal and focal in the tune, You And Me Ocean side. as sleepy Chon style transparent guitar lead the way for emo softed vocals like deltasleep meets the speed of sound in sea water. This track moves quickly and effortlessly towards triplet vibes that utilizes a 6 to 9 clever recipe and poly rhythmically punching vocals. Later the song gets into a wild modulated reggae vibe that lays foundations for some of the hottest modern pop music ever recorded.

A more seminal piece that explore more progessive layers is coast to coast. Coming as a inverted shuffle idea that lays down a solid groove, the song elevates prog pop from something nerdy and obcure to youthful modern and extremely acessible balladeque 6:8 pop prog with fusion guitar decorating the wals yet never long enough to be consider invasive or a solo. Melodic without entire melodies the technique and style collision of polyphia is present yet much more attention to gradation and oneness is paid here with an almost all in one package.

PadMe, returns to pop matters first with mathy enlongations and technique collisions that lead and follow beats and punches which syncopate and release with gods graces.

Another great song on this album, Call Me Back, is a place one must take time to appreciate the abundance of precise and tightly knitted ghost notes which elevates the records texile sensations as the water like waves of effects guitars hit ones face. The textural and depth creates an all encompassing surrender into music as a spacial experience. a warmth and joy is stirred in the listener aswell as a calming of all ills. what a track.

Vibe with me is a faster mars volta type rhythmic propellant that pushes some of the fastest vocal syncopation and poly rythyms in modern music. Being like circa esp and other songs that utilizes this funky quick bass drum dominant feel it's a song that wakes one up from the dream that is encountering goldnecklace. the song has more attiotude and moodswings then the others showing the vocalist range chops and tricks. Chon like guitars accompany the marching conclusive portion of this track in a way which make sone wonder if its chon or goldlecklace. You clearly hear Mario and Eric yet neither are present.

The next track we are gonna explore is Just The Right Way, which mixes pop prog ventures with bass drum fast paced drum dominant verses that cool within the cooking fire to give breath that guitars imprint thier intentions and emotions. The track is a fusion of all tracks and is a great track to tie everythign that is Gold Necklace together. It doesnt stretch anything past its feasability while occupying but edges.

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