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Great Nature - Fields

As promised, "Fields" the second single from Great Nature's new EP!

After a slow and deliberate guitar tapping riff like a cruise down an interplanetary highway

gentle vocals peek in.

A bass guitar like a beluga whale singing it's lungs out brings a humble addition to the mix.

Then an organ with a bright tone, gleeful enters the into the crowd bringing it's own charm like a pair of worn tennis shoes.

I feel like I'm walking down a dimly lit path, Christmas lights shimmering and blinking overhead. The repeating vocals bring a sense of integrity to the lyrics.

Drums stumbling, rolling beats to the snare hit make a dragging along pace.

As the drums pause for a moment of reflection around 2:30 I sit back and enjoy what's happened so far in the story.

At 3:40 the drumming picks up pace, guitars set twinkles to ten, and like a kaleidoscope of fractals dividing themselves over and over again in an endless cycle of color and motion, the guitar sound swells and becomes an entity all of it's own.

Great Nature almost always sings in rounds, which is a something I've had a longing for in math rock, I'm glad it finally here.

This song has a familiar feeling to it, it's warm inviting tones are something one can get used to. overall this song fits in well with the others and brings a sense of contentedness to the air.

Check out Great Nature on bandcamp to hear "House" the third song on the EP.

-M Chan


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