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Great Nature - Glass

-Exclusive Video Premiere-

Great Nature are based in London, UK. They’re not strangers to the UK alternative scene having been in bands like Super Tennis, Instruments (Make Music), Ballgame and many others. However life and commitments have meant a step back in previous years. They put their efforts into this first Great Nature release as a cathartic way to regain musical activity, rekindle friendships and help themselves deal with a pretty complex world.

The first ‘release’ called ‘Glass / House / Fields’ is a series of 3 tracks recorded live in November 2019 at Bookhouse Studios in Bermondsey, London with the excellent Tom Hill from the band Modern Rituals (Holy Roar Records) on recording duties. Glass/ House / Fields is a look at modern relationships, emotional maturity, longing and belonging - all channeled through four friends, their experiences and a bunch of instruments. It’s self released.

"Glass" begins as a quiet folk song consisting of down-stroke harmonic plucking and noodley guitar lines. The vocals come in and quickly I'm reminded of one of my favorite bands TTNG, which I adore. A cooling down period ensues with more beautiful noodley guitars talking back and forth with each other.

This song is very lively and upbeat, especially for emo. In the end all band members gently scream in a round to close the show. This song is tight and well structured. Anyone wanting midwest emo, English emo or soft indie rock will be pleased by this jam.

‘Tall trees, bright leaves, low suns, open horizons, seas and fresh air. Great Nature is simply four people in a great big world, marvelling at how nuts it all really is.’

Great Nature is: Bob D’Mello - drums/vocals

Tom Harman - guitar/vocals/keys

Kev Cousins - bass/vocals

Ash Davies - guitar/vocals

New Great Nature song coming January 1st 2020 come back to to hear it!


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