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Human Pyramids

- Exclusive Video Premiere -

"Lullaby" is the newest single from the UK's Human Pyramids, a super-group which includes members of the band Axes. This video features championship winning ballroom dancers, hikers and a trio of cello, violin and guitar all precariously close to the River Coupall.  All shot on location in Glen Coe, Scottish Highlands on a freezing cold day in December.

Lullaby is a beautiful composition that could easily be called "chamber rock" or orchestral post rock. There is a hint of math rock guitar for a fleeting moment, however overall I would label this one of the aforementioned genres. There is quite a bit of start/stop action though, which keeps my attention.

Beginning with a slow and melodramatic folksy guitar riff and growing into a more mature romping full sound complete with a string section, the buildup continues with the strings taking over in full force.

A quiet and unassuming breakdown section brings cheerful bells into the mix.

What sounds like a tapping guitar enunciates a quick 3 note repetitive riff which makes way for the plateau, an ascension to a mountaintop, a climax of enormous proportions lead by a boisterous horn section, followed by spring flowers popping up rapidly in the form of lively short horn flutterings. Any song that ends in water sounds is just fine by me, I put a lightning storm into one of my songs and I personally need to hear more nature sounds in music. With that being said I am very happy with the ending.

Make sure to catch the full album by Human Pyramids 'Power Pose' out Dec 25th on Three Mile Town Records. Listen & Pre-order here...

- M Chan


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