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Hyper Olympic - Life Is But A Dream Team

- Exclusive Song Premiere - / full album stream after Jan 30th

"Watching Mothra Save The Day While Ignoring Calls From Miles Away"

The album opens with some woozy guitar and loose, jazzy fills, our introduction to this duo of Chris Rice on drums/ vocals, and Travis Miller on guitar and vox. “Solar Panels! Our A.C.’s Green” breaks into a jazz inspired groove, with a post-rock melody. Overall we get an appetizer of what’s to come: elements of math, jazz, 90’s indie rock, and dashes of post-punk/post-hardcore. Track two, a more abrasive and very brief tune, is the first of the album’s alternating interludes. “Spider Bake Sale,” concluding the first third of the record, kicks off with some loud, 90’s indie guitar riffs, and the vocals, on what is one of only two tracks with lyrics and voice, are out of the Mascis/Barlow songbook. The centerpiece of the album is the fifth composition, “Watching Mothra Save The Day While Ignoring Calls From Miles Away.” The title might seem long-winded if this weren’t a song that ran up so near to the 12 minute mark. The guitar/drums dynamic is at full force during the driving, opening segment of this opus. From there Rice and Miller rip through post-hardcore/punk, some classic progressive rock that sounds fresher than it has a right to, jazz, an anthemic punk riff complete with a few “whoa-oh’s,) and space rock.

After “Interlud to Olerud,” we get the second and final lyrical track on the album, with vocals that are reminiscent of the Kinsellas, on a solid, math-inflected indie rock tune, “Carcarcar.” The overtones are emo, but the tightness of the duo also recalls early 00’s bands like Interpol and The Walkmen.

The album finale, “Where’s The Luau? Dang!” is both a reprise of “Watching Mothra Save…” and a summation of the album’s sound, weaving through all the key elements, of rock, jazz, post-this and that, and classic composition styles. I suggest you listen to "Life Is But A Dream Team" a second time, as soon as your first spin’s over. It’s that good, and you might have missed something. - M. J. Rudy

Single Review:

Beginning with a briskly paced frenetic guitar tapping riff alongside a boisterous drumming pattern and then progressing into a calm and dark jazzy little bridge, things get weird quickly here with Hyper Olympic. A riff sounding as if it's being played while the guitar is being de tuned pops in for a second while a simple solo speaks on top of it. Another slow breakdown of sorts ensues as I wonder what's to come next. Military like drum rolls ring out like the sound of soldiers being sent to battle.

Palm muted down strums begin the descent into madness once more as a vocal sample comes through bringing more chaotic guitar tapping riffs and a bass line that brings meaning to the band name Hyper Olympic, whoever says music isn't as physically demanding as sport isn't paying attention, you have to be adept to play these riffs. These are physically demanding songs to play, just like being an athlete in the Olympics math rock takes practice, dedication and talent.

This song is like a puzzle for my ears, I am very much enjoying it and cannot wait until the full album drops! - M Chan


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