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Atlanta, Georgia's Hyper Olympic & Florida's Makoto will be releasing a split ep this Feb 28th.

Listen to 1 song as a sneak peek into the awesomness!

Beginning with a bouncy tapped riff this song gets off to a fun start. Sounding like a not too creepy dungeon level in a video game this riff has a nostalgic charm. Quickly speeding up to a frenetic pace the tapping subsides briefly giving way to thrashy chord strums. A brief slowed down interlude takes hold birthing a couple single note solos. Delayed plucked riffs intermixed with intermediate energetic strumming sums up the rest of the middle section. Some delightful harmonic plucks thrown in and a couple of slowed down sections make the song sound sludgey towards the end. This song has two faces one slightly uglier and more dissonant than the brighter, more melodic one.

Make sure to go to this Friday the 28th to get the full record!

Makoto’s side of the split is devastatingly beautiful as well. They take prog metal in a direction just mathy enough to keep you alert but not so overly technical that you get lost trying to focus on what’s going on. Imagine Chon's 2008 demo but with dancey disco breakdowns & a more epic feeling.

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