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Hypha - Syzygy

Hypha is an experimental rock band from Placerville, CA, finding a space between noise rock, math rock, post rock, and metal, they blend intricate rhythmic patterns with beautiful soundscape crescendos.

Bad Haircut With heavy-metal influences, this jam gets grooving quickly, complete with twinkly, chordal guitar strumming. The second half increases in presence and volume, with alternating time signatures fluctuating between 3/4 and 4/4 throughout the melody, while a math rock type of guitar hook keeps up the vibe.

Lively vocals kick in towards the end. At almost ten minutes long, it’s as if two different songs exist as one.

Cozmic Divebar

This song starts out with a jazzy, X-files theme song, type of spooky riff that quickly moves things along, allowing emphasis on the snare, high hat, and some busy drumming. Things evolve into an epic masterpiece.

Crescendos ascend throughout the end of the song, allowing for a musical roller coaster. It ends with distorted guitar strumming, rocking you into a deep slumber.

Full Circle/ No Circle

This song loves to change tempos and time signatures on you. Lots of cymbals and a steady drumbeat emphasize the rhythm of the song. A beachy guitar melody starts off, leading into some metal strumming and an increase and then decrease in tempo as vocals come in. The screams of someone in anguish set in as lots of guitar distortion and synth adds to the ambiance, presenting a creepy feel towards the end.

Perseid Blues

This song begins with a cool jazzy feeling. It sounds like something is bubbling beneath the surface of a body of water and building slowly. If there was a chill dungeon level in Sonic the Hedgehog this would be the background music for it. Midway through the song high pitched yet guttural screaming vocals come in. After falling through a black hole of feedback and pitter-patter drumming the end of the tunnel finally appears. At 11 mintues long there are many paths along this journey.

This music is for listening to without any distractions around you. Something to put on when you want to zone-out and think about nothing. There are no choruses to belt out, no verses to sing along with. This is a time for introspection, reflection and enjoyment. The dreary and more atonal sections make the bright and melodic parts sound even more cheerful.This album is a soundtrack of an adventure in the mind. One filled with anguish, tragedy, loss, but also comfort, relaxation and hopefulness.

Hypha is: Erik Woodard - Guitar, Sequential Circuits

Jacob Mingle - Guitar, Vocals

Michael Rowell - Bass

Ian Cambridge - Keys

Justin Haney - Drums


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