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I Dabbed With a Yeti

The Math Rock Van interview with Florida's up and coming mathcore/ emo/ swancore band "I Met A Yeti"

I apologize for the sideways camera but you can click in the top left of the video and it takes you to youtube where you can go full screen and turn your phone sideways on a flat surface and see the video correctly! I think the content is very important and what the band says needs to be heard so I proudly present this to the world.

I caught up with the band after they played an impromptu set at killer tacos in Denton, TX on March 11th 2019.

So the original idea for this was to parody the show "Hot Ones" where the host asks a celebrity questions while feeding them increasingly spicier hot wings. I was going to start out with lower grade dabs and move up but my low grade dabs are still pretty strong so we didn't get that far along the dabs side but we got in lots of questions so step inside the cave and enjoy the interview!

Listen To I Met A Yeti :

pic credit rex @brownmetal


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