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Lady Andy - R​é​solution

Lady Andy brings much needed industry valid vocals to the math scene and a unique outsider take on midwestern emo twists and turns. Formed by two brothers and a bassist named Beatrice, the band is in its early stages of culminating a sound of their own and are within genre switching as Lady Andy mature out of thier founded folk and indie roots towards modernity's potentials.

The drums are weak and i'd almost prefer they weren't there at all, speaking from the fusion and contemporary perpective, as well as loving solo math pieces like Yvette Young and TTNG Two Birds One Stone, but this will be a breath of fresh air for all non drum nerds around as this really a guitar and bass duo what really defines and establishes what mid western emo is. Drums have never really been key until Skramz redirected midwestern towards Zach Hillism. Nowadays with Andy Prado Jr. in ScaryPoolParty, Ando San, Coevality, Wiresthebad giving birth to giants like Forrest Rice, Chris Paprota, Brian Evans, Simon Silva, Thedrumcultivists, it's only natural that the drums in resolution and mold come off as Goo Goo Dolls drumming, which is great on Goo Goo Dolls but not so much at meeting 2023 tech expectations.

Yet I dont even think they would play misplaced misgendered country rock snare vibes within shredz. Something peculiar though and unique, I might add, in this playing, is the anxiety of a slow up beat and fast down beat. It's a cool pocket but completely unexplored aside a few, Anger, Adventure and Stamina-type floor tom fills. (Which are nailed on the money). To the drummer: I suggest trusting yourself more and learning to drum on danger's line. Exponentially efficient growth will occur as long as you stay in locomotion and consistency. Also, there's not enough ride cymbal in your cresendos... But alas.

Rating: 6.6/10 with potential for 8.7/10


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