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Let’s Swim, Get Swimming - I Could Probably Watch Shrek Again

—Video Premier—

England’s LSGS return as a duo with their best work yet!

LSGS have reformed as a duo after their bassist moved to a different city. Drummer Thomas and guitarist Paddy have decided to not waste their talent and press forward showing dedication to musicianship and resiliency.

This song is chock full of surprises. Beginning with an up slide and some

twinkles a quick jazzy scale run comes in and progs things out. this section repeats itself once before a quiet break precluded by some serious strumming riffage. A couple harmonic strums bridge the way to a three note section caressed by a synthy type of guitar effect gradually slowing things down making a lull in the song. Shortly after this slow down a noodly guitar interlude livens things back up again. Catchy tapping runs amidst periodic chord strumming mixed with punk rock drumming bring a conclusion to this masterpiece. This song has so much more substance to it than any other LSGS song I have heard so far! LSGS have really stepped their musical game up a few notches.

this song showcases dazzling jazzy tapping runs, a plethora of different time signatures, juke outs, stop start action and overall quality songwriting.

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