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Like A Tiger - Music for Plants and Animals

-New Album Premier-

Kansas City, MO's Like a Tiger Has Just Released A Stellar New Album Entitled "Music For Plants and Animals."

Blurring the lines between jazz and rock, Like A Tiger have an undeniably mellow sound.

Perhaps closer to post rock than math, Like A Tiger leave room for the imagination to run wild and free. This band doesn't bombard you with too many notes or try to force your attention to one aspect of the music for prolonged periods.

This band is about creating moods, spaces to chill in. Much like El ten Eleven, Like A Tiger uses loops and a vast array of effects pedals to get the sound just right.

"Firmament" introduces a quiet jazzy drum-line, with harmonic plucks on the guitar and a spacey retro-futuristic sounding chorus-effect guitar solo alongside a walking bass-line.

Back and forth from the quiet part to a strumming riff accompanied by a two note repetitive riff, this song is a two-sided coin.

This album makes me think about walking outside on a beautiful sunny day, which isn't something I get to experience very often as of late these days.

Starting out, "Strong Medicine" has a single note delayed guitar riff that acts as sort of a metronome. During the second half, in comes a gentle tapping guitar riff, complete with background synth like effects this song goes off, but in a peaceful way.

"And It Is Getting Dark" begins as I hear twinkly harmonic plucks, then a short build up leads to a rare distorted guitar riff noodling slow but ever persistent. Some very slick open/ closed hi-hat techniques fill the song with a rather busy complexion as the other instruments continue to take things nice and slow. This is a great contrast and something not always pulled off very well but Like A Tiger knows what they're doing.

Every song on this album has a hook, but they don't beat you over the head with it, they want you to find it on your own, fall in love with it, and be happy. With that being said "Frontier" is like a bouncy walk through the clouds. The bass-line sounds a bit like a ska or reggae bass-line, bouncing from one note to the next. When the solo hits you know it and everything comes together like an old song you never forget popping into your head, although this song is brand new it has an air of familiarity about it like no other. Towards the end, a palm muted guitar riff brings yet even more nostalgic feelings, hooking me and reeling me in for the catch.

This album tells a story ..without words. The story paints a picture. The picture is of everything good in the world. Listen to Like A Tiger! -M Chan

Go to this Friday to get the full album

Check out the 1st single here:


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