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Lucius Fox - Laurentide II: Birth

- Exclusive Song Premiere -

A warbly and twinkly manic guitar riff starts the song off with a huge bang as the drums come in and glitch everything up, making way for the bombastic bass to throw it's hat into the ring, this is a great intro and keeps my attention.

Super shreddilicious riffs keep coming in by the hundreds as there is no break in the madness. There's only a short, temporary calm down period from the bass and drums while the guitar still noodles on marching forward with no resistance.

I have apparently spoken too soon, don't ever think you you know what's going to happen next in a math rock song, this isn't post rock.

Now at about 2:40 into the song a cool down time ensues as the beat slows down and the strums come in to sweep away all of the shreds off of the floor.

After a brief pause the twinkles come in to accompany me on the rest of the journey. Snare rolls and noodles keep me enthralled until a thrashy breakdown brings the house down in a super pumped up beefy riff sort of way.

This song is fun, twinkly, thrashy and has everything I want in good music. Full album releases tomorrow! checkout:


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