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Lussuria (feat. Lucci Damus) - hip hop math rap that schools polyphia.

Corperates Prophet's new song starts in a completely different ecology then where one left off listening to Becoming A God and slaps one expectations out the door then orders a can of whoop ass for thinking novelity and grandeur wouldn't create anew. Thiis guy ain't no one hit wonder.

Fusion drum fills acts as an catalyst for Neurotica of Polyphia vibes thrown in a blender with a few strays and like Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake at a Chon back yard bbq while Gold Necklace are telling jokes to 90's style rnb rappers who are laughing hysterically as Marilyn Manson cuts himself in the corner, all the while, god, shaking his head from above as he drops riffs so elegant yet disfigured it acts as neurgogenic translative digestions. Lucci Damus jumps between trap phrasing, Low rider/nelly vibes and Nsync level pop harmonies. It's like if the early 90s and 2025 met in 2023 to make a collab. It's truly multidimensional, all the while keeping a cohesive presence. The guitar runs in this song outdo Becoming a God by three fold and employ Shane Dupere's best work to date. Palm-muted Irish tendencies mixing with sleepy Chon transparencisms and a harmonic note injective propensity.

It has a little Ego Death punch-filled section and thereafter a fusion jazz solo Vai solo that progresses with superb gradation until Chon type jungle and asian sounds mingle in a Lussria kinda way. A song that invigerates the soul without a problem or care.

These guy smoke DMT to kill ego death and remain as the one highest potential. Eternal; forged in god.

Aren't we all just becoming gods?

lust for more you say? here is anthoer assasin of a track.


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