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- New Single / EP Premier -

Miles Paralysis have just released a new record entitled "b0nx EP." Miles Paralysis is a collaborative project between Alex Litinsky of Canadian math pop-punk band A.M. Overcast and Jon Markson, bassist and backup vocalist for the bands Such Gold and Taking Meds from New York.

This new EP features pop punk and math rock blended together smoothly without a hint of emo, which is a nice change of pace from the usual trend of math mixed with punk rock in today's scene. Fans of more aggressive pop punk bands like ALL, The Descendants, or NOFX will surely understand and identify with this record.

Starting out with "Luna:Kya" rim tapping welcomes me to the stop start riffs and aggressive vocals heard. This song is short and sweet and a killer opener.

The next song "Tuned Out" starts with a trap drum roll and viola string vibrations. This song has a very orchestral feeling due to the warm strings and epic drumming. A gentle touch of female vocals accents this song perfectly while bringing a softer side to the mix.

"Nova" starts out smoothly with whispered vocals and a slightly noodley guitar line. Things pick up quickly with a happy burst of energy and more female background vocals. This song is merely a jingle as it lasts only one minute and twenty three seconds, but it's pure bliss every second.

"Honey Blocks" starts out with some twinkly guitar riffage, precise drum rolls and evolves into a full fledged masterpiece including background harmonic vocals, stop start drumming and vibraslap rays mixed in.

Listening to the shorter songs individually leaves me with a longing for more, but as a whole this EP slaps hard and I can see myself playing it over and over again in the right situation.

I have always enjoyed A.M. Overcast and when I saw Miles Paralysis first come out I was even more excited. I haven't been let down yet and don't expect to be by anything Alex or Jon releases. Enjoy the new music! To purchase head over to


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