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Murphy Radio - Vibrant Colors

Indonesia's Murphy Radio have just released a new 2 song EP entitled "Vibrant Colors"

"Autumn" begins with a solo guitar noodling riff, joined by a harmonic strum. The whole band comes in shortly and take things to a new level. After some stop start action a background string section comes in and brings warmth to the song. Strumming riffs mixed in with noodling solos make up the rest of the song except for the middle section when a synth briefly makes itself known. Sweet vocals come in at the end like a lullaby to sing me to sleep.

"Sandy" A sick midwest emo riff consisting of strumming and tapping starts things off as the vocals come in quickly. I can't quite make out the lyrics but the vocals sound like the singer is longing for something just slightly out of reach. This song is very well thought out.

This short but sweet EP features tons of noodling guitar riffs, metric modulations and most of all heart. Murphy Radio teaches me that math rock doesn't have to be cold just because it's highly calculated. I can hear the emotion in every note played by this standout band. -M Chan


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