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Noid - 1983-2020

- Exclusive Premier - Japanese surrealist rock band noid have announced the release of their latest single entitled "1983-2020-," out on the 1st of May through & Records and Trapped Animal Records. Listen to the new song here a day early only on The Math Rock Times.

"1983-2020-" is sonically triumphant and uplifting, a much needed dose of sunshine during the dark times the world is currently facing. The song shifts through tempo changes, taking the listener on a rollercoaster journey, ultimately building to a cathartic climax. noid’s ever-expanding line-up grants the band a plethora of influences making their own style hard to define, though they’re known for their thoughtful lyrics - this track is no different, telling a story of introspection and self-improvement. It’s the perfect soundtrack to spring.

The orchestral and upbeat sound of this song is akin to fellow Japanese math rockers "Jyocho."

After forming in Kanazawa, Japan in the late nineties, their first album "the space-elephant arrives at the moon" was released in April 2009. The album spawned the single "wood world" which climbed to #3 on the college weekly charts and lead to a spot at the Summer Sonic festival. Since then, noid has curated their own series of shows called "Magical Colors Night," hosting bands from all over the world including of Montreal, Mineral, +/-, my Hawaii, TOPS and more.

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