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North End / Signal Hill Split EP

The signal hill/North End split started as a Northeast US tour in March 2020. The tour was abruptly cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and both bands decided to continue collaborating in a different way. Winnebago Drive by signal hill is a melodic, mid tempo instrumental rock song. Grounded in continuous rhythm, the song takes the listener on a drive through times passed and places missed. With the band located in various cities, the song is yet another transatlantic collaboration, written and recorded in LA, New York and London. Cabra is North End’s first studio recorded track in over three years. Influenced by math and post rock, Cabra echos North End 2013 EP, “Cognoscere”, combined with elements that reflect the groups future sound. The album art by Rishi Neal Arora pin-points the locations of North End and signal hill band members, spread across Los Angeles, London, Denver, Philadelphia and New York City. The sphere has no geographic designations, like land or water, to show physical distance not impeding the bands ability to release the split. The split will be released through Better Looking Records, the indie label known for its releases from Tristeza and The Album Leaf among others.

Additional Highlights: Both bands worked with Kevin Dye from the band gates during the mixing process. Out everywhere digitally and on a limited colored vinyl (50 blue / 50 red) 7”.


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