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North End - Halted


Halted brings a fresh new batch of the tried and true unique brand of math rock I have come to love hearing from North End. The band does not dissapoint nor deviate very far from their origins in this new release. I used to describe North End as the perfect mixture of math and post rock, I am however hearing a lot more from the math rock side in Halted and am not displeased.

There isn't as much tapping in these songs like you would normally hear in modern math rock, North End's style is more on the strum and noodle side of things. There is tapping but it usually acts as a bridge to the strumming riffs. The guitar strumming chords actually makes for most of the flashy parts in these songs which is a nice change from what I can at this point call "normal" in math rock.

I give this record a solid 5 out of 5 rating because it is expertly crafted, it is uplifting and it showcases top tier musicianship. If you are into slightly jazzy instrumental rock music with distorted guitars and overall complexity you will enjoy North End's Halted. fans of Dore Mear Beon, A. Armada are sure to fall in love with North End. To purchase Go to

Press Release:

Instrumental rock band North End released their sixth studio album, Halted, one year after their single "Cabra" appeared on a split with signal hill. Halted presents 4 new songs, written and recorded separately in Pennsylvania and Colorado. North End is Russ Daniels (guitar), Kevin Burk (drums), Peter Willis (guitar) and Marcus Rodriguez (bass).

The writing for Halted started after a northeast tour was abruptly canceled due to the pandemic in March 2020. Spread across Pennsylvania and Colorado, sheltered indoors, North End developed four songs that channeled their creativity, influenced by music the band was listening to at the time. Influenced by math and post rock, Halted echoes North End 2013 EP, Cognoscere, combined with new elements that reflect the band’s renewed direction. Halted represents a new chapter for the band as their lives and commitment to music evolve.

Drums for Halted were recorded at Akdar Studios in Reading, Pennsylvania. The remaining instruments were tracked at Pete, Russ, and Marcus’ home studios respectively. North End decided to use Anup Sastry for mixing and mastering. North End wanted Anup to take an aggressive and drum-forward approach with Halted, staying true to the band’s roots. The photography from Ian Detwiler and the album art from Rishi Neal Arora reflects the world during the time Halted was written, creating a remote but hopeful atmosphere. Halted is dedicated to Kevin’s mother, Peg Burk.

Halted will be streaming across all digital platforms through Better Looking Records, with limited edition clear one sided 12” vinyl and CDs available through Somewherecold Records. Following the release and distribution of Halted, North End plan to play shows in the northeast US.


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