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North End - Parlay

- Exclusive New Song Premier -

The now long distance instrumental math rock band originally from Pennsylvania North End have just released a new single entitled "Parlay," stream it here now.

"Parlay" starts out heavy with a distorted guitar strumming riff not quite thrashy but maybe a little grungy. Like an off-road trek this tune is a bumpy ride. This song at least starts out unlike any song on North End's most previous record which I also covered called "Alpha State" in that it is aggressive in nature. You can check that out here: Alpha State Review Things take a slow turn after a few measures and as I start to hear a more familiar mathy post rock type of sound I am reminded of Alpha State in all of its glory. A jazzy guitar riff noodles its way in while every instrument seems to be doing its own thing. A brief pause is quickly met by a guitar soloing but only for a second. Everyone joins back in rather abruptly and shortly in comes the closing.

Amidst the many tempo changes there exists a consciousness devoid of ego or of any outside influences. This song is on its own planet, where it lives and thrives. If you like mathy post rock with hella nods to jazz music but at the same time a genre all of its own then press play and turn the volume way up, because you are in for a special treat today with North End's new track "Parlay." Fans of A. Armada are sure to love this band. Enjoy!

- M Chan


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