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Parliament Owls - In The Marrow

- Exclusive Single Premier -

Toronto, Ontario Canada's Parliament Owls return with a new single ahead of their upcoming album entitled

"A Span Is All That We Can Boast."

Listen to the 2nd single "In The Marrow" now only on TMRX

This power-pop song is energetic as heck, a I hear a short shreddy metal riff used how math rock bands usually use what I refer to as "twinkle attacks" intermixed between speedy punk power chords and almost operatic reverberated vocals, a short pause births a breakdown with more of the metallic shred fests woven into the mix. The chorus is epic and sounds like the band is going back to the early 2000's brand of emo that graced the airwaves with such bands as Jimmy Eat World and Fall Out Boy. I'd like to hear from this album before I rate it but this song sure is catchy. The full album drops on September 6th & you can find it here:

Listen to the 1st single "Cloudseeder" Here:

Cloudseeder begins in a 5/4 thrashy melodic powerful riff met by a less aggressive almost ambient sounding cool down picking riff. Overall progressive hardcore schematics doused with bouts of glimmering ambience and mostly clean operatic vocals, with intermittent screaming vocals used rather precisely, at just the right moments come through and give breath and life into the mix. The main riff becomes a deranged stop/start riff but maintains form somehow as this song evolves into a prog-rock masterpiece complete with a spacey guitar solo. Up and down from gentle to rough this song sways back and forth multiple times finally spiraling down to an end like a crash landed plane. I'm into it.


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