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Satyr - Bird

Band: Satyr

Genres: Black Metal, Progressive Hardcore, Swancore

Let's not get confused here this isn't the infamous Norwegian Black Metal rock n roll band Satyricon, there's not enough face paint action going on here for that. This is Satyr From Atlanta, GA.

What sounds like melodic black metal music with hardcore punk vocals reminiscent of The Unseen morphs into post hardcore or swancore as soon as the clean vocals kick in,

the famous blue swan records employs progressive hardcore bands with both clean and harsh screaming vocals.

These vocals pop and are not overly dramatic, whiney or as high pitched like other swancore bands usually present.

There are some serious The Mars Volta "Deloused in the Comatorium" breakdown vibes coming through here. Add in some furious guitar tapping rhythm parts and you have yourself a hit. The bridge to the end showcases some exquisite hardcore screaming which is a much appreciated aspect of the tune.

Fans of Fall of Troy & The Mars Volta are sure to love this band. Enjoy.


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