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Shake The Baby Til The Love Comes Out - Growth and Healing Through Bringing Others Down

- New Album Stream & Review -

New York, NY's Shake The Baby Til The Love Comes Out is a dynamic guitar and drums duo who will beat the living snot out of you with their abrasive and doomy style of instrumental math rock.

Starting with track 1 "Stunk" thrashy guitar bits turn into a poly rhythmic tapping riff that sounds like something rancid. This music is unapologetically brash and putrid sounding,

Like drinking hard liquor straight with no chaser. This song reminds me a lot of a local band I see often called "The Jorge Arana Trio."

Track 2 "I'm Gushing" brings more of the same sounds as the first track only a little more evenly paced. ending in a strenuous exhaustive beefy guitar riff, making way for track 3.

"From The Shelter" sounds like I've made my way into a deranged killers lair and become a part of a group on the receiving end of a torturous club of evil clowns. This song has a metal tinge to it more so than any other song on this album. This is the darkest sounding song on the album so far.

Track 4 "The Only Good Cop" is one of my favorites on the album. with a bit more of an upbeat sound to it, things are starting to look up.

If you're a fan of Kansas City, MO's 3 piece HMPH! you're sure to appreciate what STBTTLCO does. Especially on this song do I get a HMPH! vibe, with a little less circus sound and a little more terror.

Track 5 "I Picked Today To Be Sad" reminds me that chaotic math rock doesn't always have to be super fast, this slower jam brings about anarchy in a subtle way and keeps you calm as it destroys any hope of melodious major scale harmony you may have had.

The dissonance heard throughout this album is a welcomed change from the twinkly jazz influenced math rock that often dominates my feed.

If STBTTLCO, HMPH!, EYES ON LIPS, & JORGE ARANA TRIO all went on tour together we could call it The Eerie Math Rock Circus, as these bands all have a similar sound.

While that tour may never happen, STBTTLCO are constantly touring so make sure to catch them soon in your city!

-M Chan


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